Known Issues

If you have problems installing / activating Ceitidh on your computer check the issues/fixes listed here for a solution.

Ceitidh is not listed in my settings options after installing.
Restart your computer and reopen your text to speech settings to see if 'CereVoice Ceitidh' is now listed.

I'm using Windows and can't find the settings page?
On Windows 10 there are two types of configuration panel. The latest UI style sometimes doesn't list Ceitidh.

I heard the wrong voice.
We've noticed on Firefox/OSX that the first time you use our GoogleDoc Add-on Ceitidh's voice isn't loaded. If you click again she will be loaded correctly.

The GoogleDoc add-on is slow.
The add-on for GoogleDoc has to fetch the text to speak from the Google Server (where your text actually is) and sometime this can be delayed by a slow internet connection. If nothing seems to happen, please be patient for a moment or two.